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Often, in my social justice trainings, I am asked by participants for help in keeping their “tools” sharp. Notice Notes provides a space for weekly practice. Begin or continue on the path of self reflection to better understand how you show up in situations where power and privilege are at play. –Jessica

There are 52 weeks in a year and thousands of examples of power and privilege in our lives. Use this pocket-sized journal to track how you react (head, heart, or action) to different examples where power is at play. Notice these behaviors, discover patterns, and decide if you want to keep them by doing root work. This is the foundation of social justice work.

This Personal Weekly Reflection Journal is designed to help you keep your tracking skills finely tuned. Learn more and order your copies today.

"Notice Notes was a huge success with UA Residence Life! The staff used them for two weeks to track bias, prejudice, and judgments in our work, in our own lives, and in our selves. The staff was excited to have a dedicated journal for tracking, rather than just me asking them to keep track in their heads. After the two week time-period, we came together and had some awesome discussion about what we'd noticed and its connection to social justice. Resident Assistant (RA) social justice training also included a discussion on tracking — I know some of our Community Directors plan to do on-going check in with their RAs about what they've been tracking, and use those conversations as a starting point for how we best build inclusive communities!" – Hannah Lozon, M.Ed., Coordinator of Social Justice Education, Residence Life, The University of Arizona

I am... Safe ZoneThe "It Gets Better" campaign is good and it isn't doing enough. It doesn't get better for everyone. To make a difference, we need to examine ourselves, build, prepare, and support better LGBT Allies.

I pulled together my three favorite interactive activities, and the facilitator guides too — to train Safe Zone trainers, possibly to be used as a Safe Zone training, to update existing curriculums, or to be conversation starters/stirrers — it is everything at once. Sticks and Stones, Gender This!, and Messages I Learned (language/power dynamics, sex, gender, sexual identity, sexism/heterosexism, and socialization, collusion, and participant responsibility): three activities plus a bonus resource disc. Learn more!

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