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To create the best workshop for you, I need to know the following, in addition to having a presentation training time of at least 45 minutes (60-90 minutes minimum preferred).

  • Who is being invited to the program?
  • Is attendance mandatory? If so, for whom and why?
  • Is this is a reactive program? If so, please give me at least two perspectives of the events leading up to this workshop.
  • How often do the targeted participants attend educational workshops?
  • What is the power structure of possible attendees? (supervisors, staff, etc.)
  • What comes before and after the workshop in the attendees’ schedules? (if in a series or as part of a full day/conference)
  • What did you do for this program last year?

Audiences – student leadership, paraprofessionals, faculty, staff, task force members, fraternity/sorority members, incoming first-year students, athletes (NCAA Connect), alumni, human resource staff, corporate trainers & community members

Activities – workshops, break-out sessions, meetings, keynotes, work groups, seminars, curriculum development, conferences, & staff trainings addressing social justice & diversity (race, class, size, ability, gender, sexual identity, transgender inclusion, privilege, responsibility, accountability, bullying, power, access, realms of influence, leadership, etc.)

Approach – individualized work for each group, flexible and organic agenda for in-training challenges, practical “take back to your life” action steps, personal assessment, growth for ally & advocate development, 45-minute interactive workshops, keynotes, drive-by consulting, conference calls, editing, writing

Access – training of trainers materials, on-going support, evaluation and assessment, programming ideas for student leaders, & discussion starters for campus communities & workplace colleagues

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